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The document below was created to help families with children in French Immersion.  There are links to websites for the alphabet, numbers, French stories, French videos, French music.  I've also included links in this document to a few other websites that have useful apps for students in learning French.  I hope you find this helpful!

Reading Tips for Parents

The Parent Section of this website is a wealth of information for reading activities at home, tips for struggling readers, a guide to children's literature, how to pick a "just right" book" and much more!

10 Things You Can Do to Raise A Reader

Reading Tips for Parents (Grade One)

Reading Tips for Parents (Grade Two)

Reading Tips for Parents (Grade Three)

Need some moreideas on how to practice reading at home?  Click on the link below for suggestions and activities to practice reading and build your child's self-confidence and fluency in reading.

Practising Reading at Home.pdf Practising Reading at Home.pdf
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